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Photo: The people of Côte d'Ivoire march to say no to Alassane Ouattara's 3rd term bid, August 2020.


Great march to demand dialogue and peace.

December 9, 2020

Ivorians, Ivorians My dear compatriots

In the march of great nations there are difficult times like the ones we are still currently going through. These are painful times for all of us.

The blood of our brothers, our sisters and our children has flowed again only due to their legitimate quest for freedom and democracy. Blood has still been shed for Love of our homeland.

Our brothers, our sisters, our children just wanted to walk peacefully to express their rejection of the violation of the Constitution, the supreme law of our country.

Their fault, for the power in place, is to have denounced in front of the whole world the parody of democracy and the farce elections of the incumbent Head of State to install a dictatorship in Côte d'Ivoire for the benefit of his clan.

We are all witnesses of the unbearable images, the atrocities committed in Yopougon, Daoukro, Bongouanou, Bonoua, M'Batto, Sikensi, Toumodi, Botro, Sakassou, Yamoussoukro, Téhiri, Dabou, and in several other towns and villages in our country which have has been traumatized for so long now.

The toll is again heavy: circa a hundred people have died and more than 200 are seriously injured. Several leaders of the political opposition, young men and valiant women, have been or continue to be hunted down, violently assaulted and beaten in their homes, often also their property is destroyed.

Others among us are imprisoned, under house arrest or in hiding for having said NO to the forfeiture programmed by the authorities.

I would like on behalf of all of us, to pay homage to the whole Nation, to all these young people, brave women and men, savagely slaughtered in the prime of their lives or tortured by armed militias supported by certain elements of the national police and army beholden to power.

I would particularly like to pay tribute to the young N'Guessan Koffi Toussaint beheaded in Daoukro, to the young Kissi Morel shot dead in Bonoua, to the Kouamé family, 4 of whom were burned alive in their house in Toumodi, to name just a few of the many victims .  Ivorian democrats will not forget their martyrs.

Together, we will know, when the time comes, how to convey to them the marked recognition of our motherland.

I also lend my support to all those who are deprived of their personal liberty, without following  due process. I renew my commitment to continue to call on the Head of State, national and international human rights organizations for their release without conditions.

Dear compatriots
What did I not say or do to avoid today that our country finds itself again in an impasse, on the verge of an implosion, the serious consequences of which will be detrimental to each of us as well as to our children?

My quality as a former President of the Republic, the oldest member and a father of a family  required me to do everything in my power to avoid  a catastrophe in our country. I can assure you, before God, that I have tried everything for over two years to challenge the Head of State, to call upon him directly for more transparency in the preparation of the elections.

Nothing came of all these attempts. The Head of State refused all dialogue even through intermediaries,  having clearly chosen to divide a wedge between the PDCI party and all the opposition political parties, in order to better organize his plan to stay in power at all costs. The current regime had cleverly prepared and programmed a plan for the establishment of a dictatorship in Côte d'Ivoire. Evidenced by:

A clear desire not to engage in any true reconciliation process despite the important proposals of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (The Commission Dialogue, vérité et reconciliation or CDVR)

-Organized fraud as well as the violence perpetrated following the municipal and regional elections at the end of 2018;
-the laying off  of opposition deputies to put a gag on democratic expression in the National Assembly;
-the arbitrary arrests and imprisonments of opposition MPs or opinion leaders and officials of civil society associations;
-he dismissal of a number of executives without valid reason;
-the confiscation of state media;
-the abduction of people by armed groups, hooded and unidentified.

We are all witnesses of these serious facts that I and the opposition parties never ceased to denounces as we observed this dictatorial drift, the establishment of fear as a mode of government and a government that listens to no one.

Ivorians, Ivorians,

We cannot hide our heads in the sand in the search for the main cause of the serious crisis which still shakes our country today?

Mr. Alassane Ouattara wanted by all means and at all costs to impose himself as President, although our Basic Law does not allow it. The first duty, the first responsibility of the President of the Republic in our country, is to respect the Law and to have all citizens apply it without distinction.

The constitution voted by all and promulgated by the President of the Republic himself is sacred.

Cardinal Jean Pierre KUTWA recalled in a message, last November 14, this well-known Latin maxim and I quote: “Dura lex, sed lex” namely LAW is tough but it is LAW.

This thought, he said, invites respect for the LAW even when it upsets us and goes against our current interests.

By violating our FUNDAMENTAL LAW, the current Head of State has chosen to submit himself to a popular referendum of some kind. I publicly appealed to him to renounce his plan to disobey the LAW. The entire opposition called out to him. We invited him to an open dialogue before launching a civil disobedience project to which you responded courageously. Faced with the violent attacks of armed men against empty-handed demonstrators we called on the Government to open a Dialogue. Faced with the serious threats for the stability of our country that we had identified, we solemnly and publicly demanded the postponement of the elections so as to be able to hold an inclusive and transparent electoral process with the consensual participation of all political parties.
Nothing came of it. The Head of State decided, ignoring the binding decisions of the African Court of Human and People’s Rights, to organize a presidential election, keeping an Independent Electoral Commission in the service of his party and also excluding key political actors such as President Laurent Gbagbo, Former Presidents of the National Assembly Guillaume Soro, Mamadou Coulibaly, Ministers Albert Mabri Toikeuse, Gnamien Konan and many others.

What calls for Dialogue have I not launched to preserve peace in our country?

On the 10 of October 2020 at the Felix Houphouët-Boigny stadium, faced with the Head of State and his clan’s stubborn refusal to listen to the calls of the opposition, I addressed the Secretary General of the United Nations asking him for his personal involvement in the establishment of  “an inclusive dialogue between all stakeholders in the electoral process in Côte d'Ivoire.

In writing, I presented to Mr. Antonio Guterres the ingredients of an extremely serious situation which required an urgent Dialogue with the support of the UN to save our country from chaos.

I made the same speech to all diplomatic representations in Côte d'Ivoire as well as to several established international organizations that work for peace in Africa and in the world.

The various addresses,  messages and open letters of Christian or Muslim religious organizations and international organizations to the President of the Republic, proposing a dialogue with in view the achievement of an inclusive, transparent and credible presidential election and calling for an end to the violence, have not found a favorable ear.

Nothing has come of it. On the 31 of October 2020, under calamitous conditions and with the complicity of a submissive electoral system, the incumbent Head of State, against all odds, left in the hands of the people his choice of seeking an illegal third term, he stated spurred by a so-called duty, but in fact in the service of his clan.

After only less than 20% of voters withdrew their cards, the actual turnout was found to be less than 10%. This level of participation, extremely low and confirmed by observers and credible international organizations, means that the declared arithmetic winner of this so-called election has no legitimacy, 90% of Ivorians having chosen to shun this election.

The people of Ivory Coast have clearly disowned Mr. Alassane Ouattara in front of the national and international community with the choice of NO to his unconstitutional third term project.

He must therefore draw all the consequences and deduce,  in light of all the unconstitutional acts that are currently being taken, that he is not the legitimate President of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.

My dear compatriots,

Undeniably we come out of this ordeal with the fundamental values ​​of our nation of unity and brotherhood seriously weakened.

Most of our compatriots have lost all their reference points and are worried. Friends of Ivory Coast, investors are worried. Human rights organizations are concerned and repeatedly call for restraint to protect human lives. They all call on our responsibility before History.

What should we do in the face of this new critical situation for the future of our Nation?

Do like some of our compatriots and their, to say the least, embarrassing supporters: justify the unjustifiable by engaging Côte d'Ivoire in the path of a coup via a flagrant violation of the Constitution under the pretext of an unforeseen case of force majeure non-existent in our Fundamental Law?

Lock our country in the path of the propensity for violence, the confiscation of freedoms or permanent repression, plunging it further into a more serious state than that of the end of the presidential elections of 2010?

Or rather take individually, collectively the decision to renounce this fatality and resume the path of the rule of law?

The first path leads us inexorably towards a definitive renunciation of the founding project of our Nation, namely a land of hospitality and true fraternity.

I, like most of us, believe in a fraternal and united Ivory Coast. I believe in unity in diversity for Ivory Coast. I believe it is the only way for true progress and happiness for everyone. In order to rebuild it, I believe in our collective ability to reactivate together our values ​​of union and peace through Dialogue.

This is the main reason which led me to accept a meeting with the Head of State, on behalf of you all, which took place on the 11 of November to break the wall of mistrust and initiate the premises of a frank and sincere dialogue in the sole interest of peace for our country.

At my age, with my life experience, and with the deep love that I have for my country like you all, my dearest wish is to make, in these special and important times,